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What Are You Feeding Yourself?

In November of last year, I was having some disturbing chest pains and decided to go to the emergency room. Six hours and a doctor’s visit later, I found out that it was a very bad case of acid reflux. The doctor strongly suggested that…


Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is all around us whether we see it, taste it, hear it, smell it or not. It motivates us to press forward in whatever goal we’re looking to achieve. I am a heavily inspired person. A lot of what I do (you’ll find…

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What’s Your Routine?

It’s always an encouraging time whenever I listen to Terri Savelle Foy’s podcast. She’s committed to motivating and encouraging people to achieve their God-given dreams. There are two episodes in particular that have resonated with me the most: one where she talks about the…

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Wardrobe Prep 101: The BRAVE Spring Clean

The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the sun is willing to hang out a little bit longer with us. Yes, spring has arrived. Along with this new season can come the feeling of do a complete haul over your house. Today,…

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Revamp Your Wardrobe

Winter can be a time where we begin to ponder a lot about the choices we’ve made and goals we want to attain, especially in the new year. Calling on The Fashion Analyst, Njeri Harris, she’ll provide us with some tips to spruce up and…

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It’s Okay to Rest

Living in a world that is obsessed with “grinding” “hustling” and being busy bees, sometimes people can be looked at as “soft” or “weak” if you find them lounging around for a little, or taking a nap. As Christians we need to remember that…

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Goal Setting: Finally Getting It Right

We are well into the new year and with a new year brings new goals and ambitions. Why is it that come July, we find ourselves not even remembering what we set as a goal in the beginning of the year? Here are some…

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