Favorite Albums of 2017

Happy New Year!

I want to present to you my top three albums that were released in 2017. Here are the criteria I used to choose:

  • I purchased the entire album and not just a single
  • I could listen to the album in its entirety
  • I found myself listening to this album multiple times throughout the day

In no particular order, here are my top three favorite albums of 2017.

    • ***

“Rococo” by The Royal Royal

Releasing on September 22, 2017, this was the only album out of the three that I pre-ordered. I was first introduced to the Canadian group when the single “Neon Sign” was in my Release Radar playlist on Spotify. The song provided  a sound I didn’t know I needed: classic rock. After listening to the single, I immediately looked up everything they ever did. This album in particular takes a bit of a different approach than they did with their previous two albums. I definitely sense more soft-textured sounds as opposed to the hard guitar and drums I loved so much on The Return of the King.  If you enjoy the sounds of the Beatles and other classic rock bands you’ll enjoy The Royal Royal.

The Beauty Between” by Kings Kaleidoscope

Hailing from Seattle, this 10-piece band released this work of art on August 18, 2017.  I have all of their previous full-length albums and was curious about the direction KK was going to take after releasing Beyond Control, a thought-provoking, transparent body of work…and they’ve done it again. You can find quite a few hip-hop collaborations on this album which seems to be the overall direction sonically. They don’t skimp on instrumentation and seamless transitions as found in “Sometimes Phoenix” and “Safe Retreat” featuring Braille from Beautfiul Eulogy. Trust me, you guys need this album.

Today We Rebel” by KB

You want to talk about a complete work of art? From promotion to visuals to production to content, this album has it all: worship (“Sing for You”), anthems (“Not Today Satan”), vibes (“Primetime”), chill (“New Portrait”), and heavy-hitter-rewind-that-back lyrics (“Art of Drifting”). The Reach Records camp did an amazing job with this one–although I should mention that KB has his own entity called Native North. Just listen to it. You’re welcome.

You can also listen to the podcast I did on my favorite albums:

Happy Listening!


dara t.

Photo by Mr Cup / Fabien Barral on Unsplash

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