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I Don’t “Feel” Saved

In this day and time, I’m fighting to remain plugged in with God. With so many distractions that are offered to me through social media, Netflix and plain old laziness, it’s a fight to spend time with our King. I have to daily remind myself of the necessity to spend time with Him. Now, granted, I don’t hit the bullseye every time, but there’s still a press and determination in me to stay plugged in.

However, I’ve been fighting (particularly as of late) against “the warm, fuzzy feeling” that all Christians can relate to. There’s something in our minds that automatically equates that warm, fuzzy emotion to the presence of God. But what happens when that fuzzy feeling isn’t there? Does that mean that God isn’t there? No, that’s impossible. He’s everywhere, and as a Christian, we have the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us. But how do we reconcile our feelings with our faith? In one simple phrase: walk by faith and not by sight. Oh, friends, this is way easier said than done. I have been too guilty of letting my emotions dictate my day. What does that look like? Well, I feel tired so that means I won’t spend any time with God. Someone treated me badly on the job, so I have an attitude all day.

Our God spoke the world into existence, so why can’t we speak to  our emotions? Y’all, I’m writing this more for me than for you. I need to learn not to lean to my own understanding and trust what the Word says about our heavenly Father: that his Word won’t return empty and that every time I sit down and read, or pray or meditate on scripture it is doing something in my heart…but I need to make sure the soil of my heart is right so the Word can get down deep in there. I need to make sure that the voice of entertainment isn’t louder than the voice of my Creator…that the voice of my worries isn’t louder than my Provider…that the voice of my fears isn’t louder than my Shepherd and Protector…and that can only be done when I immerse myself in His truth–the truth–the Word of God.

So don’t worry when “you don’t feel saved”. Take it as an opportunity to truly build in your faith. This walk isn’t based on our emotions anyway….


dara t.

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