“The Valley of Dry Bones” by Jerry B. Jenkins

Jerry B. Jenkins is one half of the legendary duo that is responsible for the “Left Behind” series that I read as a pre-teen and teenager. I haven’t read a book from them since then, so when I saw this as a recommendation on Amazon, I was all in. This one particularly entrigued me because Jenkins is modernizing the biblical account of Ezekiel. He actually pushes it farther than modern and tells the account through an “end times” lens.  As I was reading the novel, I was also reading the book of Ezekiel through my “Bible in a Year” plan. Imagine how fun it was to read the real account and see how Jenkins incorporated it into his novel.

Okay, so here’s the premise: there’s been an extreme drought/famine in California, however, Ezekiel, along with a handful of others, felt the calling of God to stay in the midst and spread the gospel to those who are left (you’ll have to read the book to find out how they survive on a day-to-day basis). As they were having their normal Sunday service, Ezekiel heard a voice that he didn’t recognize. What he soon came to find out is that it was God. Ezekiel began to hear the voice of God.

The reader is taken on a journey as Ezekiel becomes comfortable with hearing the voice of God and sumitting to wherever it is He wants him to go and saying whatever it is He wants him to say. Just as the propeht in the Scriptures, God has a specific word at different times for the most unlikely of people that He wants Ezekiel to deliver.

What I loved most about this book is that  Jenkins showed the natural struggle with trying to decipher God’s voice from our own thoughts or someone else’s voice. This is something that I’m going through personally. I’m learning to trust that I know God’s voice. I’m also learning to practice hearing His voice (I can dive deeper into that in another post).

While it’s a 300+ page novel, it reads quickly. Jenkins makes the chapters very short and truly tells a story. Jenkins develops each character throughout the novel which (i think) contributes to the page length.

There’s action, a bit of mystery, a bit of drama and a bit of comedy all wrapped around an “end times” lens on a biblical account. I think you will have fun getting into this one.

Happy Reading!



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