when i pick up the pen


This playlist is inspired by the different music that I listen to when I sit down to write. The music I listen to helps me tremendously in describing the scene that I’m setting at that particular time. For example, if I’m writing a chapter that is set during the Christmas season, I’ll put on my favorite Christmas music (whether it’s actually the Christmas season or in the middle of July) and close my eyes (and also dance) for a minute to put myself in the Christmas mood, which is not at all hard to do.

However, there are two albums and one playlist that I return to over and over again and you can find them below. Hopefully this peek into my writing process will encourage you in your artistic endeavors.

I am a fan of Alic Walls’ sound and this one is no different. In fact, this one is my favorite that he’s done. I had this entire collection on repeat.



I normally do my writing at night. For a time where I don’t want to listen to words, I just let the instruments do the talking for me with this playlist.



I put this album on when I come to the writing table a little depleted of creative energy and inspiration. It inspires me to push my creative ability to its utmost. From the stroytelling to the instrumentation to the wordplay, this album oozes creativity to me.



dara t.

Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash

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